Handy Brand moves to employee ownership structure

Staff at Handy Brand now share a 51% stake in the business
Staff at Handy Brand now share a 51% stake in the business

Labels and sticker printing specialist Handy Brand has completed an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) scheme that will meant its employees own a majority share of the business.

The deal, which was advised on by the GS Verde Group, means staff at the Portishead, Bristol-based company share a 51% stake in the business.

Handy Brand owner Martyn Kilford said: “Being a small, close-knit team gives us a big advantage over our competitors. Each team member is an integral cog in the Handy Brand machine.

“We’re all very passionate about achieving the best within our job roles day in and day out. We strive to offer the best advice to all our customers regardless of the size of their order to ensure they receive a quality printed product.”

He added team members are now encouraged to be involved in the company’s growth and strive for brand consistency, brand development, and brand loyalty.

“Without our excellent team members and loyal customers, Handy Brand’s success would be nowhere near what it is today. That’s why I decided to set up the Employee Ownership Trust scheme, to show my huge appreciation for their unwavering professionalism and empower their future development for many years to come.”

The EOT structure also allows Handy Brand to appoint a board of trustees, with staff deciding if they want to join the board. This opportunity allows staff members to collectively make decisions on the daily running of the business and how they should allocate funds.

Handy Labels is the sticky label division of Handy Brand while sister company Handy Tags produces retail swing tags, bottleneck tags, and door hangers. Both businesses serve clients ranging from small businesses and startups to large international companies.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Handy Brand increased its order volume by 40% between 2020 and 2021, supplying hand sanitiser labels to businesses and donating labels to the NHS.