Pro C9500 and Pro C7500 installed

Bakergoodchild upgrades with Ricoh installs

Bakergoodchild's new Ricohs have helped clear a production bottleneck
Bakergoodchild's new Ricohs have helped clear a production bottleneck

Birmingham mailing house Bakergoodchild has installed a pair of brand-new Ricoh cut sheet toner presses, helping it shift the production bottleneck back onto finishing.

The Pro C9500 and Pro C7500 – both fresh on the market in 2023 – were delivered on 18 March, with both fully operational a week later.

Joining Bakergoodchild’s existing fleet of Xerox toner and inkjet presses, and a Ricoh IP5000 continuous inkjet printer, the C9500 and C7500 have replaced a pair of Xerox presses.

“We were facing issues with our current hardware, which were end-of-life – so when we had the opportunity to purchase, we did,” explained Ian Stevenson, operations director at Bakergoodchild.

The new press, he added, has helped up the company’s performance already.

Stevenson said: “It’s enabled us to be ahead of the game, and be a lot quicker in terms of our productivity.

“Our unique [selling point] is that we’re happy to take on a lot of work, and get it turned around within a day or two. In the nuts and bolts, we needed devices that gave us a better offering, and a wider offering.

The new presses will be put to work supporting the IP5000, and producing heavy artwork stock.

“It will be a variety of work, but the main thing is producing anything that has heavy colour coverage – that’s what they’re designed for – and to get that quality product out the door in a timely manner.”

Training on the two new presses went smoothly, Stevenson said, with the operators learning quickly.

“[The engineers] have not been back in since, which is positive, and the ability to set up jobs and get them printing more quickly is positive.

“Six weeks ago, we had a short time period where [finishing] was waiting on the printers – now the printers are ahead.”

Bakergoodchild employs 48, and is aiming to turn over £13m in 2024.