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Newspaper-format products from one copy to runs of 100,000-plus

Sharman & Company started printing The March Advertiser and Fen District Gazette in March, Cambridgeshire more than 150 years ago.

A weekly publication, printed as a single sheet on a hand-fed press, the first issue was published on 13 July 1872 and sold for one penny. The number of publications grew, alongside the revolutions in printing technology over the following century, with the publications eventually sold in 1989 during a period of rapid newspaper ownership consolidation. The business moved into contract printing as a result. Now in fifth generation ownership, the company has also developed the Newspaper Club brand with the purpose of making newspaper printing available to everyone.

Where are you based?

Sharman & Company production is in Peterborough, with customer service in Glasgow

How many staff do you have?

20 staff across the two sites

What does your firm do?

We specialise in the production of newspaper-format products: broadsheets, tabloids and quarterfolds

What’s your typical customer?

Anyone who wants a newspaper printed

Which geographic areas do you serve?

We have a national and international customer base, predominately the UK, US and Europe

Which markets do you serve?

We have customers in all segments

Who are your clients?

A complete range from individuals to international brands

What’s your USP?

We’re the only company to print authentic newspaper-format products from one copy to runs of 100,000-plus

What’s your company’s motto?

We’re still working on that!

What equipment do you run?

Tensor single-width coldset newspaper press and two Xeikon 9800 digital presses, with Tecnau finishing line

What’s been your proudest achievement in the past few years?

Growing Newspaper Club and proving that newspapers don’t have to be a declining industry

Where do you see your business in five years’ time?

We prefer to think longer term!

What’s your team’s favourite biscuit?

Anything covered in chocolate