Pensord unveils two content delivery systems

Magazine printer Pensord has launched a content delivery system and reader App for publishers that it claims will improve revenue opportunities and brand reach.

Unveiled at last week’s Cross Media event in London, content delivery platform Pensord CMS, is touted as a low-cost, multi-channel service for small to medium-sized independent publishers.

Currently in Beta-testing and due for roll-out in October, Pensord CMS is a cloud-based system that allows publishers to manage and adapt their own digital content for online readerships.

Users can access the system’s workflow via a login and password, select templates in which to upload their content and submit it for publishing.

The system repurposes text and images to respond to any screen on which it is accessed by the reader, such as mobile, tablets or desktops, meaning that the reader does not have to zoom in to view that web page.

Pensord managing director Darren Coxon said the system would cut costs for publishers and improve reader experience.

He added: "Commonly publishers redesign their pages specifically for mobile devices but that costs time and money so this is getting away from that.

"Using this content delivery platform, publishers manage their own online content, giving added value on top of their printed content, without having to buy extra software or employ a designer."

He said that Pensord CMS removed the "smoke and mirrors" of online content delivery.

Meanwhile at Cross Media 2012 Pensord unveiled a new tablet specific reading App, in partnership with Readz, through which publishers can deliver their publications without having to develop their own apps or repurpose their print ready PDFs. The Readz system will also be available to Pensord customers from October.

Coxon said: "We’re working hard with our chosen provider to deliver a better reading experience at the same cost as publishers currently pay to repurpose their print PDFs. "

He added: "Print will always be at the core of what we do, but making electronic delivery as complementary to print as possible means we can offer publishers the most effective way to reach their audience, and provide consumers with the best choices for accessing what they want."  

South East Wales-based magazine printer Pensord produces more than 380 magazine titles.