Star product: Heidelberg Speedmaster CS 92

Nick Mansley
Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A compact, high-efficiency SRA1 press.

What is it?

The Speedmaster CS 92 is a 920mm-wide (SRA1-format) sheetfed offset press tailor-made for commercial print jobs in ISO 216/DIN format. It found early favour with printers in the Far East, who wanted a high-productivity press for standardised formats with a strong price/performance ratio. It is intended for highly efficient production of brochures, catalogues and flyers.

When was it launched?

The press was launched globally in 2015, but was showcased to the UK market for the first time in February this year at an open house event at Heidelberg’s west London base. That event also saw the launch of the B2 CX 75, a lower-cost and more compact alternative to the XL 75. 

Who is it aimed at?

Heidelberg expects the press to win back some European market share from Komori and Ryobi, which have both had some success with SRA1 presses. Matt Rockley, UK marketing and product executive for sheetfed B1 & B2, says it will be particularly of interest to customers wanting to expand their opportunities by switching from B2 format to an oversized SRA1 format (including for 9-up A4 jobs); former B1 customers who want to reduce plate costs; those wanting to increase their product portfolio by offering UV applications; and those who want a press that can handle a wide range of stock thicknesses.

How does it work?

It’s an offset litho press available in four-, five- and six-colour configurations, with coating options available for all formats. It comes with Intellistart, AutoPlate, Auto blanket wash, the pre-set feeder and delivery from the XL 106 range, double-diameter blanket and impression cylinder, and triple-diameter transfer drums, which put less stress on sheets. It is based on the CX 102 platform reduced in width for the plate cost savings, with speed-compensated inking and dampening system, calibration-free ink zones, Vario dampening to remove hickeys automatically, and sheet grippers and bearings from the XL 106 platform, all combined with the Prinect Press Centre operating system. It’s available with all the usual curing systems from Heidelberg, including the latest UV systems. It features Easy Control spectral colour measurement and control with reporting functions. In addition, it has an “enhanced colour package” which offers customer fully automatic pre- and de-inking capabilities in between each job, which is designed to reduce waste of both materials and time.

How does it differ from previous models?

Heidelberg hasn’t offered a Speedmaster with this sheet and plate size before.

How fast is it?

Top speed is 15,000sph.

What is the USP?

Rockley says: “There are many USPs. The price performance ratio is very keen. The inking units have the capacity for great solids and exceptional print quality. The advantage of a smaller plate size offers a 20% saving in material costs too.” It also has a more compact footprint than B1 models and the ability to handle a wide range of paper thicknesses.

How easy is it to use?

Rockley says: “Each time Heidelberg develops a new operating system it makes running the press easier and easier.” All new Speedmaster presses are operated with the Prinect Press Centre software Intellistart, which Rockley says reduces operator interventions by up to 70% during a makeready as the system guides the operator through the fastest possible setup. Pre-sets are used to change the format and air settings in the feeder and delivery. 

How much does it cost?

A four-colour model will set you back around £700,000. However, Heidelberg has a special deal for buyers of the CS 92 and CX 75: a new ‘lite’ subscription plan that reduces the upfront cost of the press by up to 30%. The Impression Plan signs the customer up to a five-year tailored consumables contract, a full service contract, six days training per year and a Prinect workflow, to be matched by a defined minimum impression count on the part of he printer. UK managing director Gerard Heanue said “Customers have peace of mind and a fixed cost per sheet they can work with.”

What training and support is on offer?

Full on-site training is provided. Rockley adds that customers are welcome to use the CS 92 at the Brentford showroom to get to grips with the technology outside a production environment. Heidelberg maintains a team of engineers on the ground in the UK as well as remote diagnostic support.

What is the sales target? How many are installed?

There have been over 300 units sold worldwide since its launch in May 2015. According to Rockley the model on show in Brentford is very busy with customer trials and demonstrations and Heidelberg is in discussions with a number of potential UK customers. 


Max sheet size 650x940mm

Min sheet size 340x480mm 

Max print format 640x920mm 

Stock thickness range 0.03-0.6mm

Max speed 15,000sph

Plate size 721x930mm

Pile heights Feeder: 1,320mm Delivery: 1,295mm 

Footprint (four-color) 10.6x4.8m

Price around £700,000

Contact Heidelberg UK 020 8490 3500


RMGT 924

The RMGT 924 is a single-sided four-unit model with a max sheet size slightly under SRA1. There are configurations with perfecting and up to 10 units plus inline coater. The 940 models take true SRA1 sheets.

Units Up to 10 available with convertible perfecting

Max speed 16,200sph (13,000sph for PF perfectors)

Max sheet size 640x920mm (635x920mm for perfectors)

Max print image 615x900mm

Paper thickness 0.04-0.6mm (0.04-0.4mm for perfectors)

Price About £695,000 for a 924 with LED-UV, depending on specification

Contact Apex Digital Graphics 01442 235236

Komori Lithrone GL-37

A compact press that can produce A1-size products and is designed for short-turnaround work. 

Units Two to eight plus coater

Max speed 15,000sph

Max sheet size 640x940mm

Paper thickness 0.04–0.06mm

Price About £900,000 to £950,000 with coater, extended delivery and H-UV

Contact Komori Europe +31 30 248 2828


“A traditional commercial printing run of 5,000 units now takes us half an hour, including makeready. And my customers are impressed by the print quality. You can’t ask for more than that” 5/5 

Chen Changlong Shanghai Chang Xin Long Printing Co, China


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