Integrated Graphics bought by sales director Mayho

Digital printer Integrated Graphics has been bought by its former sales director Jeffrey Mayho.

Mayho took over the company from previous owners Adrian Hickey and Wyn Phillips through a 100% share purchase in July.

Hickey has now retired and Phillips works part-time with the company, providing consultancy for the business. Mayho has a lengthy career in print and has been with the company on a sales basis for 13 years.

Mayho indicated that he has plans to grow the company through acquisition of other businesses, adding that investment in machinery was on hold for the foreseeable future.

He said: "I have some large clients that I am working on and if they come to fruition there could be some investment."

Investments in a Watkiss Powersquare 200 booklet maker and an Océ Varioprint 6200 Ultra Line digital printer in February 2011 have cut the Barry Island business’ outwork bill by up to 30%.

Mayho said projected turnover for the financial year, which ends in December for Integrated Graphics, would be £500,000, although he said he would like to see this figure "slightly" increased.

The two machines were brought in to create a sensitive project of making booklets with more than 100 pages from start to finish in-house.

Elements of the project were previously outsourced but the addition of the two machines have streamlined the job, which contributes 20% of the company’s turnover, according to Mayho.

Previous director Wyn Phillips said: "The booklets are required in multiple languages to various sizes.

"Firstly we needed to print and finish on lightweight stock outside the comfort zone of most systems. The Watkiss machine passed this test, as did the Océ printer we opted to use in conjunction for this work.

"The other difficulty we needed to overcome concerned the finished size. The books are small in order to fit inside the packaging they end up in. This was outside the capability of all the booklet makers we looked at – including the Watkiss - but because of the Squareback system, we found the answer."


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