Allsigns’ spotless staining is revelation for St Pat’s

Despite being a Catholic place of worship, the approach of St Patrick’s Church in Bristol to the decoration of its newly built atrium was anything but orthodox. Working with building contractor KP Wilton & Sons, the idea to transform its clear windows into a beautiful stained-glass display could only be achieved through innovative print.

What was produced?

KP Wilton commissioned local signmaker AllSigns to come up with a solution to create the stained-glass effect. A self-adhesive wrap printed in a vibrant multicolour pattern was created to be applied on the interior of the atrium windows of St Patrick’s.

What did the job entail?

AllSigns used an EFI Vutek QS2 Pro – a 2m-wide UV hybrid printer designed for display, sign and fine art applications – running a six-colour inkset (CMYK plus light magenta and light cyan) to print onto the clear substrate. The unmistakeable stained-glass effect was created using the Vutek’s multi-layer print capabilities which allow for several layers of ink in a single application.

The printed substrate was then cut into various window-shaped pieces using a Zünd G3 cutter.

What challenges were overcome?

Achieving the winning effect was a particular challenge for AllSigns, as a single-layer print came out “washy” and disappointing, according to director Graham Wood. Several prototypes and tests were produced with varying results before a triple-layer application was found to produce an effect exactly to the church’s specifications.

“It was a real test to see what we could achieve,” said Wood. “At AllSigns, we love jobs that rely on innovation and creativity and we tend to work with agencies and designers that ask for weird applications without being sure if they’re achievable in ink.

“Our output contains a lot of standard signage, but our investment goes into kit for innovative projects like this one.”

What was the feedback?

Aaron Whiston, operations director at KP Wilton, said: “We commissioned this from AllSigns because we had worked with them before on a project for a hospital.

“The finished job looks spectacular. When the sun shines through it creates a pattern on the floor inside St Patrick’s that is really something to behold. The church was overwhelmed with the end result.

“I am sure we will work with them again as we can now expect an excellent, thorough job at a reasonable price.”

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