Rising Star: Connor Daniels Customer service representative, MBM Print SCS

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Connor is 23 and found his way into the industry via his father, who heard there was a vacancy at East Kilbride-based MBM. He joined the firm in 2017 and has since benefited from The Printing Charity’s Print Futures award scheme.

What did you study, and did you have a particular career in mind?
I did not think I would find myself in the print trade, so I am simply grateful to be here

Did you know anything about print beforehand?
No. I had always been told never to get into the “game”. So it is quite ironic I am involved with the trade

What does your current role entail?
Communication with customers, suppliers and the internal MBM departments. I must ensure the well-being of orders placed, walking them through the various production stages before they are finally delivered to the customer

What’s the most enjoyable or interesting thing about it?
I like the flexibility. I can be involved with several different orders, dealing with a range of customers and suppliers

Do you have an ideal career path mapped out?
I have the ambition of moving into a sales role. I enjoy the interaction with customers and I could reflect this well in a selling environment

What would be your dream job (print related)?
To be the owner/director of a successful printing company. I find business interesting and so would want to be involved with the running of a company in the future

What would be your dream job (not print related)?
In my younger years, it was to be a professional footballer. Once reality kicked in, I’ve realised that whatever I am doing, I wish to be comfortable and content with life

What’s top of your playlist at the moment?
In My Arms, Purple Disco Machine

Which box set would you recommend?
TopBoy on Netflix – although not to everyone

What’s your most-used app?
Definitely Spotify at the moment

What has surprised you most about working in the printing industry?
The tenure of my colleagues is really impressive. Everyone has at least 20-plus years in the trade

What could the printing industry be doing more of to entice millennials into print?
The apprenticeships need to be advertised better, in terms of what opportunities are available once an apprenticeship is completed

If you ruled the world...?
There would be no wars, no greed, no poverty. And Cristiano Ronaldo would be scoring goals for Rangers every week!


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