Multi-Color Corporation streamlines in-mold production with DynamicsPrint

MCC works with leading brands across a wide-range of consumer-oriented packaging categories

Global labelling giant Multi-Color Corporation (MCC) has signed a strategic agreement with DynamicsPrint to roll out its eponymous enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution across multiple MCC sites, spanning five countries.

MCC will implement DynamicsPrint ERP at its in-mold label (IML) producing facilities in Belgium, the US, Turkey, Australia and Greece.

The roll-out will enhance productivity and streamline various operations in each factory and lead to increased efficiency within MCC’s in-mold label printing processes.

DynamicsPrint, which is the Microsoft preferred ERP for medium and large printing and packaging companies, is a cloud-native SaaS solution that enables users to access applications and data at any time from any location.

According to the Denmark-headquartered developer, it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 FO (finance and operations), with fully automated updates. The main ERP modules include estimating and quotation, order handling, scheduling, inventory, shopfloor control and analytics.

DynamicsPrint said: “The system provides real-time information on ongoing activities, and this immediate visibility facilitates resource allocation and scheduling.

“Moreover, it allows for customisation of labels, tooltips and colour codes, ensuring that the user experience is tailored to the organisational needs and significantly improves information accessibility.”

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