Ramps up output, slims down footprint

Ricoh premieres 2024 flagship high-speed inkjet

Pro VC80000: "sets a new standard in automation and data first intelligence"

Ricoh has unveiled a new flagship high-speed inkjet line that it said offered a 50% productivity boost on its predecessor.

The Ricoh Pro VC80000 is targeted at applications including direct mail, publishing and commercial print.

The duplexing press is, according to Ricoh, the smallest machine in its class coming in at under 10 metres in length in standard twin-engined configuration. It runs CMYK on 585mm reels and is capable of 1,200dpi and a top speed of 150m/min.

While the flat-out speed is the same as the VC70000 it will replace, when it begins shipping in early 2024, according to Ricoh the new generation platform uses a “unique family of software and hardware tools” that significantly boost output and simultaneously bring down total cost of ownership.

"It sets a new standard in automation and data first intelligence to increase productivity and usable output with consistency across operators and shifts," said Eef de Ridder, VP Graphic Communications Group, Ricoh Europe.

One of the new features is Ricoh’s ‘firefly’ dryer technology, which uses small, heated rollers to halve the start-up times of typical dryers.

It also comes with automated quality control through Pro Scanner, for inline colour to colour and front to back consistency. Pro Scanner, which was first introduced as an option on the VC70000, can be linked with Supervisor for shop-floor data collection delivered through web-based dashboards.

Other features include automated quick paper setup for new grades and SmartStart for operator free automated makereadies. It’s also compatible with ProcessDirector workflow management tool and the recently launched Auto Color Adjuster.

The European beta was installed at Sattler Media Group in Germany.

“The level of automation, combined with up to 50% higher output of high-quality products compared to our current technology, as well as its operator friendly approach, is transforming the role that inkjet plays in Sattler Media Group's production portfolio," said Christian Haneke, innovation and solutions manager.