Combines AR, VR and MR

Israeli tech firm aims to shake up service and support "a seamless, highly effective digital solution" "a seamless, highly effective digital solution"

A technology firm that aims to transform the way industry manufacturers handle training and support will make its Drupa debut at the upcoming expo.

Israel-headquartered offers a SaaS platform that can create so-called “digital twins” including devices, parts catalogues, system workflows, operational functions and troubleshooting procedures.

Its offering spans Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality techniques.

The technology is already in use by HP, Landa Digital Printing, and Bobst, with the three manufacturers also set to showcase the benefits as part of their own Drupa exhibits. cited dramatic benefits for manufacturers.

“These industry leaders, and many others already using, are reporting a 70% increase in the efficiency of their remote troubleshooting and other support calls,” the firm stated.

“Call times are dramatically reduced, less engineers are dispatched to the system sites and fewer incorrect or unnecessary parts are being sent to customers due to the intuitive and accurate remote diagnostics enabled by” will also have its own booth in Hall 9.

CEO Itzhak Pichadze said the firm’s integrated solution encompassed ‘three Cs’ – cross platform, cross reality, and cross use case.

He commented: “This unique ‘C3’ offering is enabling our customers to answer some of today’s most crucial industry challenges – the operational bottlenecks due to dependency on a small number of experts, long training times and inadequate feedback or update cycles; the ever-growing skills gap due to recruitment issues and low knowledge retention; and high costs associated with training, content creation and repairs.

“ answers these issues with a seamless, highly effective digital solution, propelling forward-thinking hardware manufacturers into the training and support services of the future.”

He claimed that printing companies that have experienced the benefits were starting to demand the service as a must-have.

“If the manufacturer can’t offer a digital twin, then it’s a dealbreaker for those businesses because they have seen firsthand the benefits that offers,” he stated.

Former HP Indigo, Landa Digital Printing, and Scodix executive Gilad Tzori is COO at the business.