As well as the usual mix of news roundups and thought-provoking features, the August & September ‘Taking ownership’ issue looks at two exit strategies that enable business owners to hand the reins to the people they trust most, their staff…

Keeping up the M&A theme, this issue’s briefing section kicks off with a look at the spike in company acquisitions (a dozen are featured in the issue's news digest alone) and asks if turbulent times represent an ideal opportunity for those looking to grow?

It also highlights the impact the energy crisis is having on paper supply and offers a preview of November’s upcoming Power of Print event, which returns to its in-person format in November.

As is tradition, the Knowledge Bank section launches with a Killer App, which this time around celebrates the uniquely British fish ‘n’ chip van, and all the usual business, legal, tenders and diary round-ups. And, as well as the first in a two-part look at MBOs and an analysis of employee ownership trusts, how to handle pay negotiations in these fraught times, and the pros and cons of holding companies.

While also featuring all the kit launches and updates, this issue's Product Portfolio section also features Hedgerow Print’s review of its Komori GL429 H-UV press and DecTek’s take on its Titanium 2516 digital cutter. Canon’s do-it-all toner press, the imagePress V1000, and the Durst p5 500 roll-to-roll inkjet are the final summer star products.

The segment is bookended with an in-depth look at the ramifications of Adobe’s decision to drop support for Pantone colour books and a Best of British profile of Arden Group.

Finally, wrapping up the issue, the ever popular From the Archive takes a sideways look at September 2002 and asks ‘Haven’t we been here before?’…