Walstead signs up to ClimateCalc

Walstead can provide customers with a carbon figure for every job
Walstead can provide customers with a carbon figure for every job

Walstead Group is now using the ClimateCalc tool to calculate the carbon footprint of the work it produces.

ClimateCalc uses the European graphic standard for carbon calculation as defined by Intergraf, the Europe-wide association of printing industry trade federations, including the UK’s BPIF. 

The calculation tool complies with ISO 14064-1, ISO 16759 and the international Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

All the companies that use it are making measurements on the same basis, using verified company data and verified standard data.

The project at Walstead was helmed by Paul Sorosina, group HSEQ manager at Walstead’s UK business. 

He said the group wanted to understand in detail the carbon emissions generated with each order, and what the business could do to lessen its impact on the environment. 

“The audit looks at all our inputted data per site such as electric and gas consumption, LPG consumption, waste paper figures and paper delivery figures. It then confirms that the data we have put into the calculator is correct and gives us an accurate CO2 figure,” he explained.

Sorosina said the information – which includes details such as individual paper type profileswas also important for customers looking to reduce their own carbon footprints. 

“We are going to be able to communicate with customers on the carbon figure for each job and explore alternative options to perhaps reduce that,” he added. 

As part of the process Walstead was also audited by the BPIF, which is an annual requirement of the scheme. 

Walstead UK is certified to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards. The group has four production sites in the UK: Walstead Roche, Walstead Bicester, Walstead Peterborough and Walstead Binders.