UPM strike stretches past 60 days

Protracted strike is damaging UPM's customers
Protracted strike is damaging UPM's customers

Another week has passed without any signs of progress between UPM and union workers who have now been on strike for more than 60 days.

The large-scale strike action at UPM’s Finnish operations began on 1 January. 

It was initially set to run until 22 January but has been extended four times. The strike has now been running for 63 days, and could run until 6 April unless UPM can reach agreement with the Paperworkers’ Union. 

The strike was already the longest in the history of Finnish paper workers, even prior to the latest extension. 

In its latest statement, the union said: “The parties have continued to meet and refine their presentations since the mediation began.

“The union's negotiators have been in close contact with UPM's striking employees. Although the situation is difficult, the aim of the Paper Association is to reach an agreement as soon as possible that both parties can be satisfied with.”

Industry bodies across the European commercial printing and label printing industries have expressed deep concern about the damaging knock-on impact of the strike.