Unlikely trio top June’s listicle

What do a retired punk and a popular YouTuber have in common with a devastating mail facility fire? They were all in the top three most-read stories in our listicle for June. Read on to catch-up on last month’s 10 biggest stories.

1. Huge fire wipes out Paragon site 14,524 clicks
A huge fire at Paragon’s inbound mail site in Leicester has effectively destroyed much of the facility.

2. Beware the auditor 4,274 clicks
Jo Francis ventures down a time-sucking YouTube wormhole for the greater good.

3. Pez the punk clocks up 45 years 3,968 clicks
Is David ‘Pez’ Warwick print’s longer-serving punk rocker?

4. Parcel firm Tuffnells goes into administration 3,803 clicks
Delivery giant Tuffnells has gone into administration, with most of its 2,200 staff made redundant.

5. Counterfeit money printers ordered to pay back profits 3,609 clicks
Three men involved in a conspiracy to supply over £12m of counterfeit banknotes have been ordered to give up the real money they earned from their crimes.

6. PFI Group misses payment deadline 3,219 clicks
PFI Group has not made the first big payment related to its acquisition of Grafenia's printing operations last year.

7. London printco hits the buffers 3,168 clicks
A meeting of creditors has been called for a multi-service London-based printing business, which looks set to go into liquidation.

8. Walstead expands with German buy 2,985 clicks
Walstead Group has made its first buy in Germany with the acquisition of GD Gotha Druck und Verpackung out of insolvency.

9. Adare SEC hit by cyber attack 2,788 clicks
Integrated communications provider Adare SEC was one of several major UK businesses to fall victim to a large cyber attack earlier this month.

10. Former ‘print works’ up for sale at £1.5m 2,699 clicks
A renovated hillside printers’ office with views over a famous Cornish estuary has been put on the market for £1,475,000.