THEMPC charity print raises £17,000

Fundraising with the charity print will continue into 2023
Fundraising with the charity print will continue into 2023

THEMPC has raised over £17,000 for children’s charity the NSPCC from sales of a charity print featuring the Queen and Prince Philip.

The sketch featured on the print - of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh reunited after the Queen’s death in September - was widely shared online before artist Kerri Cunningham and promotional print firm THEMPC partnered to raise money for charity.

A cheque was presented by Emma and Paul Marsh, owners of THEMPC, to Peter Wanless, the CEO of the NSPCC for its Childline service.

Childline provides a remote counselling service for children, conducting around 200,000 counselling sessions each year.

Fundraising with the sketch is ongoing, with Cunningham and THEMPC hoping to make an additional donation in January; they hope to raise over £20,000, according to a statement by THEMPC.

Cunningham said: “I am thrilled that together with the generous help of THEMPC, we were able to raise such a large amount of money. 

“I can’t think of a more fitting tribute to the Queen than to donate to a charity that, as for many of us, was so clearly close to her heart, and will hopefully go a long way to help children in need.”

Emma Marsh added: “As soon as we saw that Kerri needed help back in September, we both knew we had to offer our services. It’s been a real labour of love and it’s all been worth it. 

“We are so proud to have helped raise so much money for the NSPCC and although it comes as a result of a sad event, we’re so pleased that something great, to help those who need it the most, has come out of it.”