Stag improves bookmaking mix with Ashgate install

Patel: "The Kasfold 640 has already increased our productivity"
Patel: "The Kasfold 640 has already increased our productivity"

Stag Print Services has invested in an Ashgate Kasfold 640 hand-fed bookletmaker in order to enhance its in-house capabilities.

The device was installed at the 40-year-old business's Guildford premises in November to help finish short-run book jobs on its recently installed Konica Minolta digital print system.

It is set up to run offline, providing both trade and general clients with personalised services, and includes a squarefold in-line unit.

Managing director Sushil Patel said: “We have had a small digital machine with an in-line saddle-stitcher since 2016, but short-run books have not been a big part of our business. However, our latest marketing drive saw a change with a bigger demand for short-run digital work, including books up to 1,000 copies.

“I definitely recommend seeing the equipment in action before placing an order. We took some of our more complex jobs to test at Ashgate’s showroom. It still early days but the Kasfold 640 has already increased our productivity. It is helpful that Ashgate offer great technical support over the phone and call out when necessary.

“The investment has been complementary to our investment in digital print equipment. For quantities of between 500-1,000 we can now produce the books digitally, which has helped free up much needed capacity on our litho press. It is also much more efficient to produce short runs on our digital press. So, it is win-win all round.”

With Stag’s run lengths ranging from 10 to 1,000 books on a mix of stocks including coated and uncoated from 80-400gsm weight, the adaptability of the Kasfold 640 was key to its selection.

The machine can take sheet sizes up to 640x210mm with a staple/fold thickness up to 25 sheets or 80gsm.

A family firm, Stag Print Services currently employs eight members of staff.