Scribbler and Fujifilm roll out new retail greetings card offering

Scribbler Lite uses the Fujifilm CX3240 creative duplex printer
Scribbler Lite uses the Fujifilm CX3240 creative duplex printer

Greetings card retailer Scribbler and Fujifilm UK have continued their partnership with the creation of the Scribbler ‘Lite’, offering customers at retail stores instant access to over 2,000 greetings cards in a compact, wall-mounted or countertop display option.

The kit is designed for easy use through its touchscreen display and members of the public will be able to write their personal message inside their chosen card in any font, size, or colour. Once complete, the product is printed behind the till using the Fujifilm CX3240 creative duplex printer and ready for collection in 60 seconds.

Scribbler said the software gives retailers, as well as commercial premises, the chance to carry an extensive range of greetings cards without running the risk of waste due to overstock or requiring the footprint of a photo kiosk.

This, the business said, would be of particular benefit during seasons such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, where stock can become outdated and leftover stock goes to waste.

The software provides regular content updates, with options celebrating religious festivals and celebrations such as Ramadan, Diwali, Pride, and Mental Health Awareness Week included seasonally, while designs showcasing a wide range of diversity and inclusiveness are also available.

When new content is available, the software can be updated within 24 hours. The machine’s display will also show a trending banner that allows users to see which designs are currently the most popular across the country.

Jon Difford, head of sales at Fujifilm UK, said: “Helping customers find the perfect card can be difficult when you have limited space and want to carry other products.

“The Scribbler Lite aims to change this, with customers being able to find the best option and allowing businesses to carry a wider range of stock to increase their appeal. With the system in place, people won’t be leaving the store without the perfect card.”

The partnership between Fujifilm UK and Scribbler follows from the launch of the Scribbler Kiosk in 2022, which allows customers to access greetings cards and have them printed from the same machine. The Scribbler Lite offers the same designs but is more suited to locations that may struggle for space.

Tom Proctor, commercial director at Scribbler, added: “With the UK selling 1.4 billion greetings cards a year, both Scribbler and Fujifilm want to help businesses access the full potential of this profitable market.

“By including the Scribbler Lite as one of their services, retailers across the country can have what is effectively a Scribbler store on a single device, gaining access to our ever-growing number of designs for any occasion.

“As our partnership with Fujifilm continues, we hope that more businesses can sell high quality cards to their customers throughout the year.”