Failed to provide evidence or explanation

Leafleting boss barred over BBL

Firm went into liquidation with a total deficiency of more than £150k
The firm's actual turnover was just £3,210

The boss of a door drop leafleting firm has been handed a lengthy ban for abusing taxpayer-backed business support during the pandemic.

Pape Djibril Diouf set up Diouf Door To Door Leafleting Ltd in September 2019.

On 8 December 2020 the company applied for a £15,000 Bounce Back Loan (BBL) from Starling Bank on the back of overstated turnover of £200,000.

Subsequently, the business also received a further £30,000 BBL on 20 December.

The Insolvency Service report stated: “Financial accounts for year ending 30 September 2020 show that the actual turnover was £3,210 and Mr Diouf has provided no evidence or explanation supporting the estimated turnover figure he provided in the BBL application.”

Between 14 December and 17 December 2020 payments totalling £13,600 were made from the company’s bank account, and on 22 December 2020 payments totalling £26,500 were made from the same account.

Diouf failed to provide any evidence that these payments provided economic benefit to the business.

He has been disqualified from acting as a director for 11 years due to his conduct. The ban came into force on 4 December.

Diouf Door To Door Leafleting Ltd had total liabilities of £45,914 when it was liquidated, of which £45,214 relates to the BBLs.

Diouf is a Senagalese national. He was born in January 1987 and his last known address was at Oban Court, Pentland Avenue, Edgware HA8 8LB.

In July 2020 he set up another business, Expressdrop Ltd, this was dissolved in November 2021.

In October 2022 he set up another company, also named Expressdrop Ltd. It was dissolved on 9 May.