Greenshires streamlines finishing with Gluejet install

Commercial and wide-format printer Greenshires Group has installed a Bickers XY Robotic Gluejet in a bid to speed up the gluing process.

The machine was installed by Bickers' UK sales agent Finishline Machinery at Greenshires’ Leicester premises around six weeks ago. Greenshires managing director Marcus Cross said he expected to recoup the cost of the machine within two years.

Cross first saw the machine at Drupa and settled on it after a visit to Bickers’ headquarters in Germany, where he tested it using a number of different samples. The company has previously relied on hand-held glue guns.

Cross said: “It was quite laughable when we were working the machine and seeing how good it was. It got to a stage where we were all like a bunch of children; so it was a no-brainer.

“Now it is suddenly a totally new way of thinking, not only with finishing but this also changes the way you design a unit, as instead of finding an intricate way of putting the thing together, you just put it on the gluer. 

“The problem with glue guns is that each person who uses them does the work differently. This way we standardise every unit that goes out so compliance for customers in stores is at its maximum, whereas before you were at the whim of whoever is operating the glue gun.” 

Meant for FDSU and POS work, the gluer applies hotmelt and PVA glue in almost any pattern.

Cross added that the Gluejet has halved the time required for producing POS jobs.

Greenshires will be looking at further investments for the POS side of the business in the early part of next year, possibly another gluer or a die-cutter.

On the small-format digital side, it recently became the second UK company to install a Fujifilm Jet Press 720S.

“It’s going really well, customers have really taken to it and it hasn’t stopped since we’ve had it. We’re really making the right investments at the moment,” added Cross. 

Greenshires also runs two Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105s with coaters, one six-colour and one five-colour. As well as its main Leicester headquarters, it also has a warehouse in Kettering.