Disqualified packaging duo hit with confiscation orders

Insolvency Service took action against Bottjer and Hearn
Insolvency Service took action against Bottjer and Hearn

Two disqualified directors have been ordered to pay more than £80,000 in a confiscation order, or face imprisonment.

Earlier this year Mark Bottjer, from Colchester, Essex pleaded guilty to three counts of acting as a director while subject to a disqualification undertaking.

Business associate Susan Linda Hearn of Great Oakley, Essex pleaded guilty to one count of aiding and abetting Bottjer to breach his disqualification.

The offences related to activities at Redbox Packaging Design Ltd and Boxperfect International Ltd. 

Bottjer had also formed another company, known as International Packaging Brands Ltd, and had made payment for its formation while he was restricted under the terms of his disqualification undertaking.

Subsequently, during lockdown Confiscation Orders have been made at Chelmsford Crown Court under the Proceeds of Crime Act, with Bottjer ordered to pay £64,712.83, and Hearn ordered to pay £18,594.87.

Both defendants have to pay prosecution costs. The penalty for default of payment is 12 months’ imprisonment.

A confiscation order is an order made against a convicted defendant ordering a person to pay the amount of their benefit from crime. Unlike a forfeiture order, a confiscation order is not directed towards a particular asset. It does not deprive the defendant or anyone else of title to any property.

Redbox Packaging Design went into creditors voluntary liquidation in March 2015. Boxperfect International went into administration in November 2015. International Packaging Brands Limited went into creditors voluntary liquidation in August 2018.