NUtec Digital Ink

Significant carbon reduction

NUtec invests in renewable energy for production

Leading manufacturer, NUtec Digital Ink recently announced a major stride in its sustainability journey with the installation of an extensive solar energy system at its main production facility.

Developed for CJV and JV printers

NUtec hails flexibility of latest like-for-like Mimaki ink replacement

Ink developer NUtec Digital Ink has expanded the options open to Mimaki CJV and JV printer users with its Diamond D10-GF-MS21 family of products.


NUtec Digital Ink offers back-to-back replacements for Roland TR2 inks

NUtec Digital Ink has expanded its range of alternative ink solutions for Roland printers with its Diamond D15-TRV2 eco-solvent inkset.

Textile ink secures approval

NUtec unveils Oeko-Tex Eco Passport certified water-based inks

NUtec Digital Ink has secured Eco Passport accreditation from Oeko-Tex for select products within its water-based Aquamarine ink range.

Approved for 'sensitive' environments

NUtec Digital Ink grows Greenguard Gold certified range

NUtec Digital Ink has expanded its range of UV-curable products with Greenguard Gold environmental certifications in response to growing demand.

NUtec's environmental credentials ensure peace of mind

Sustainability drives innovation for NUtec

NUtec Digital Ink has raised the sustainability bar by using innovation to ensure high performance doesn’t come at a cost to people or the planet.

GBL-free inks offer excellent durability

NUtec GBL-free solvent ink alternatives

NUtec Digital Ink has expanded its range of gamma butyrolactone-free solvent ink alternatives to cater for a growing global demand for GBL-free alternatives in wide-format inkjet printing.