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Kenads resurrects 70-year-old Thompson platen press

Kenads Printers is endeavouring to preserve a piece of print history by installing and restoring a Thompson-British automatic platen press from the 1940s.

Print history preserved at new Stationers' Hall archive

Priceless documents recording the history of copyrighting and the print industry will be available for all to see as the Stationers' Company opens its new Tokefield Centre archive to the public.

Conference to look at women's role in print

Birmingham City University’s Centre for Printing History & Culture is planning an international conference on the contribution of women to printing and printing culture next year, and is calling for papers ahead of the event.

Rare 15th-century Caxton print discovered

A librarian at the University of Reading has unearthed one of the oldest surviving pages ever printed, identified as part of a book produced by William Caxton at his Westminster print shop in the 15th century.

Witherbys rebrands and celebrates 275 years in business

A print business which started copying legal documents by hand in 1740 celebrated its 275th anniversary with a party at St Bride Foundation.

What did print do in the Great War?

It’s unlikely to have escaped many people’s attention that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, and across the country many events are taking place to commemorate the occasion.

Stationers' Company to parade print’s history at The Lord Mayor's Show

The Stationers' Company has organised a float displaying the history of print, which will feature in The Lord Mayor's Show this Saturday (8 November).

SBF flags library closure during local redevelopment

St Bride Foundation (SBF) has decided to take steps to protect its collection during local redevelopment works by temporarily closing the library while work is in progress.

FE Burman launches Fleet Street and St Bride tours

London printer FE Burman has held the first of what it hopes will be many client tours of Fleet Street and the St Bride Foundation.

The St Bride Foundation: the curators of the past set for future glory

The St Bride Foundation was in danger of becoming a forgotten cache of print's gilded history, but a new initiative is set to revive its influence

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