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Two Sides takes on greenwash at councils

Two Sides has highlighted unsubstantiated environmental claims at local authorities and challenged the government to enforce compliance.

335 corporations remove misleading ‘go green’ claims

335 companies have removed or changed their messaging since the inception of pro-paper campaign group Two Sides.

‘I liked dealing with printers, they’re fun’

With a 30-plus-year history in the paper merchanting game, Martyn Eustace, managing director of print and paper advocacy organisation Two Sides UK, is well versed on the effectiveness and sustainability of print and paper.

Two Sides reports improvements but incorrect public print perceptions remain

A survey by paper and print advocacy group Two Sides has found that in the past five years, consumers are responding more positively to print, but misconceptions remain over sustainability.

Two Sides releases updated Myths and Facts booklet

Paper pressure group Two Sides has released the ninth version of its Myths and Facts booklet, highlighting the many myths propagated in the paper and print industries.

Two Sides initiative aims to stop 'go green - go paperless' claims

Some of the world's biggest corporate names continue to flout rules to gull consumers with deceptive claims that they should ditch paper for electronic communications, experts warn.

Prinovis UK announces Two Sides support

Prinovis UK has announced its support for the Two Sides and Print Power campaigns, which promote the sustainability and effectiveness of print.

Two Sides Autumn Seminar

Print advocacy and campaigning groups Two Sides and Print Power will hold their fifth Autumn Seminar at London’s Stationers Hall on 3 November. The event, which will take place from 10am to 5.30pm, will...

Two Sides and Print Power to hold Autumn Seminar

Responsible print campaigning group Two Sides and Print Power will hold their fifth Autumn Seminar at London’s Stationers Hall on 3 November.

St Ives Group announces Two Sides support

St Ives Group has joined responsible print campaigning group Two Sides.

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