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Are stress levels rising in the industry?

PRESS MANUFACTURER “Yes, stress is an increasing problem for all of us. Recognising and managing stress is now a critically important management/HR skill. The key thing is recognising it early, as the...

Should you base business plans on government legislation?

DIGITAL PRINTER “No, you shouldn’t base business plans on upcoming government legislation. You couldn’t plan to build that into any kind of marketing – you just wouldn’t know if it would come off. In...

FSC and PEFC: whats the difference and do printers need both?

PRINT BUYER “I haven’t heard of PEFC, but a lot of the print buyers in the National Trust are using FSC-accredited suppliers and I think it’s a good accreditation to have. We’re actually trying to move...

Is in-house finishing now essential for printers?

PRINT MANAGER “No. There’s an argument for printers having basic finishing in-house to complement their core activity or skills, but beyond this, it’s better to use trade partners that are absolutely...

Are loyalty schemes a good way to retain customers?

PRINT AND MARKETING GROUP “In certain market. I’ve got no personal experience of these sorts of schemes, but I can see how they would influence people in the small to medium-sized enterprise arena. Personally...

How important is international trade to your business?

MAGAZINE AND BOOK PRINTER “We don’t tend to look for work outside the UK. Geographically, we’re in mid-Wales, which means it is quite a way to get across to mainland Europe. We are planning a campaign...

Are public sector frameworks right for print?

PRINT FRANCHISEE “I think so, yes. It narrows the supply base down to a number of experts, who must remain competitive. It means public sector organisations don’t waste time with companies that can’t...

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