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Prints secret history

You don't have to be a printer to be a criminal, but sometimes it helps. While some crimes such as murder, rape and larceny can be committed by anyone, there are other, more bespoke offences that call on print's particular talents: seditious libel, forgery and pornography, for example, are all misdemeanours that require specialist typographic skills.

The odd couple

In ten years time, a monthly magazine subscription is just as likely to turn up in your inbox as it is on your doormat. That's if the current growth of online publishing continues.

Second coming

An automated perfect binder with a high-end signature recognition system, barely two years old and 30% less than its original value. It sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Well, at the time of writing, this tempting offer was being advertised on used machinery service website PressXchange, alongside numerous other post-press machines promising major savings on brand new equivalents.

Buyers learn to connect direct

Many buyers are oblivious to the advantages that simple embellishments can bring to a piece of print, thanks mainly to the fact that the majority of them will never deal directly with the finishers who put the final touches to their work.

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