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Print needs positive owners

Jo Francis reflects on the end of an era as St Ives exits print.

Gender pay gap report: 'could do better'

The new reporting requirements have shone a light on an uncomfortable truth for the printing industry overall.

Passport row rumbles on

Jo Francis wonders whether the ongoing row over the UK passport printing contract is a fine example of free trade, or an egg-on-face decision for the government and its supposed industrial strategy.

Sad story at Stones

Jo Francis observes that optimism is not enough. Today's printing industry requires astute business people running the show.

Above and beyond

Jo Francis takes off her mittens to salute the efforts of printers striving to keep going amid snow chaos, and hopes customers will be suitably appreciative - and understanding.

For the want of a paper bag

Jo Francis is frustrated that many retailers are not offering an obvious alternative to single-use plastic bags.

Here's to a can-do kind of year

Jo Francis is boosted by the power of a positive attitude.

Christmas cards: reassuringly expensive

Less can be more when it comes to the print spend of sought-after millennials.

PrintWeek opens doors!

Let it blow - Jo Francis has a brass instrument in mind as she contemplates the power of... PrintWeek.

Here comes The Sun

To celebrate Love Theatre Day earlier this month, PrintWeek’s roving reporter Max Goldbart checked out the latest offering from breakthrough writer James Graham - Ink - the story of how The Sun newspaper became what it is today.

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