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New year predictions: Adam Unsworth, Plastic Card Services

The Plastic Card Services managing director will remember 2018 not only for its glorious summer, but also as a buoyant year for his company - something he hopes will continue into 2019.

New year predictions: Martin Woolley, The Specialist Works

Chief executive Martin Woolley, who led a management buyout of independent media agency The Specialist Works this summer, believes printers and print managers need to form a closer bond with their clients in 2019 to encourage loyalty.

New year predictions: Charles Jarrold, BPIF

Charles Jarrold, chief executive of the Fed, might have been the impromptu star turn at the 2018 PrintWeek Awards, but his Christmas wish is that print’s unique and invaluable qualities take centre stage in 2019.

New year predictions: Danny Clarke, Howard Hunt

Howard Hunt managing director Danny Clarke may be a little bored of Brexit, but what he’s seriously sick of hearing about is paper price increases.

New year predictions: Alice Murray, Fine Print Services

Alice Murray, account Manager at Fine Print Services and chair of the BPIF’s apprentice council is almost as passionate about skiing as she is about pushing print to limits of what it can achieve.

New year predictions: Jason Hammond, The Delta Group

The Delta Group chief executive Jason Hammond wants a break from Brexit, but more than that he wants to solve the problems clients didn’t even know they had.

New year predictions: Jon Bailey, ProCo

As chief executive of PrintWeek’s 2018 Company of the Year, Jon Bailey is a firm believer in the power of print and will do everything he can to ensure buyers understand it’s the most valuable part of the marketing mix.

New year predictions: Mark Young, Route One Print

While Mark Young, head of Route One Print, isn’t set to get his perfect print pressie until after Christmas, that doesn’t mean he’s any less excited about its arrival from Israel.

New year predictions: Paul Manning, Rapidity

While Rapidity managing director Paul Manning ‘Mustn’t Grumble’ he knows there ‘Ain’t No Pleasing You’ when it comes to Brexit regardless of your views, but he would happily organise a ‘Knees Up’ if it helped the industry to ‘Rabbit’ and collaborate more.

New year predictions: Shahid Sheikh, Clifton Packaging Group

The ongoing plastics debate has dominated 2018 for Clifton Packaging Group chairman Shahid Sheikh, who believes that innovation coupled with export presents the biggest opportunity for printers going forwards.

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