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Star product: Mirri foil laminated media

New substrate options for creating glitzy metallic effects.

Star product: Mondi DNS Enhanced Color Inkjet

A halfway house between uncoated and full coated papers

Star product Antalis Print Speed

This uncoated paper and board range is marketed for its "excellent whiteness, opacity, bulk and rigidity".

Star product: Corona Offset

Recycled paper merchant Paperback distributes the Corona Offset grade, an uncoated white paper made from 100% de-inked waste materials.

Star product: Hello coated woodfree

The Hello range of gloss, silk, silk crme and matt papers and boards features coated woodfree grades available in weights between 90-400gsm.

Star product: Arctic Volume Collection

Swedish paper manufacturer Arctic Paper has revamped its Arctic Volume collection of high-bulk, matt, fully-coated papers with two new shades, HighWhite and Ivory.

Star Product: Sihl EnDuro

EnDuro is a range of tear-resistant and durable papers from German manfacturer Sihl.

Star product: Solvoprint wallpaper

Solvoprint, a heavy-duty, scratch-resistant paper, is suitable for all solvent-based and UV-curable inks, and its special PVC coating gives brilliant colours and a high-definition print. Colours, patterns, text and images can all be printed directly onto it and, because its slightly stippled rather than completely smooth, it has a bright, interesting texture.

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