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Superior Printing Ink targets narrow web and label markets

Teterboro, NJ-based Superior Printing Ink this week rolled out a new line of water-based UV flexographic ink targeting the narrow-web and label markets across the US.

Collins formally ends Versamark ink supply agreement with Kodak

Seven months after their very public legal feud, Cincinnati-based Collins Ink this week formally ended their agreement to supply Versamark ink to Kodak--but couldn't resist a few parting shots.

Flint Group North America in consumables price hike

Flint Group North America has blamed rising raw material costs, including crude oil, for price hikes across a range of its sheetfed and web offset ink, varnish and press wash products.

Kodak showcases digital for high-speed direct mail printing

Dismissing the recent gloom surrounding Kodak, executives in the company's Graphic Communications Group touted the growth of its commercial printing business, noting that its digital presses, printer heads and Stream inkjet technology are now being used in the field for a number of traditional printing jobs, including higher-speed direct mail runs that had been done by offset.

New GIA report projects $18.2bn global ink market by 2017

Despite some uncertainty in the commercial printing industry going forward, San Jose, CA-based Global Industry Analysts (GIA) is predicting that printer ink sales will continue to grow in the coming years, reaching $18.2bn annually by 2017.

Flint Group introduces new ink for outdoor bag packaging market

Looking to capture a larger share of the ink market for printing on flexible packaging designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor retail displays, the US division of Flint Group has introduced PamioStar Outdoor, which the company claims boasts excellent performance on press, adhesion to difficult surfaces and color strength for outdoor bag plastic packaging.

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