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The big move: investing for ongoing growth

Curtis may not be looking to build an empire, but it recognised when the time was right to step up to the next level.

Clearer contracts will oil the wheels for trade suppliers

Print outsourcing is a bit like Strictly Come Dancing - no one will admit to being partial to it, and yet levels of outsourcing, like ratings for Bruce and Tess, are tellingly high.

Business inspection: Catch some rays and cut energy costs

A desire to reduce its environmental impact lead this publisher down an unlikely path.

Business inspection: revamping the company culture

Joining the new culture club could motivate staff and revitalise your organisation's profits.

Leadership style: are you a multi-faceted manager?

Do you wield the whip when you should be encouraging creativity? Take our quiz to discover if you have enough strings to your leadership styles bow.

EFI is proud to sponsor the Wide-format report

As the leading pioneer in a broad range of inkjet technologies, including software, inks and production machines, EFI continues to dominate the solvent to UV-curable transition to bring more cost-effective and greener practices to manufacturing and print processes.

Feed your head: tips for bridging the skills gap

Let's start by stating the obvious: being a manager is tough. Ensuring employees are happy, directing the future strategy of the company, having a good understanding of everything from sales and marketing to finance and production: the list of responsibilities someone in management has to oversee is pretty endless.

Business inspection: Why rivals benefit from being friends

Peer-to-peer networking isn't about giving up trade secrets, but mutually useful interaction

Join the debate at a print show that is big on innovation: Packaging Innovations 2013

Last year, 82% of print buyers were dissatisfied with printers' promotion of new developments. Stay in the loop at Packaging Innovations 2013

Veil of secrecy around print's 'secret six' uncovered

The Royal Mail's undercover printers, who anonymously produced thousands of stamps for the Olympics, have been revealed. These are their stories

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