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Greek lesson to be learned from Pindar pre-pack sale

Pindar's sale brought to mind the financial crisis in the Eurozone, which has led to another bailout for the heavily indebted Greek government. This has rightly been termed a 'selective default' by ratings agencies, resulting in further downgrades for Greece's already junk-level bonds.

An effective online offering can revitalise your business

I recently attended and spoke at the Xerox Forum, an event run in Berlin by Xerox Europe. I was asked what I would recommend printers invest in over the next year. I suggested printers should develop their web-to-print (W2P) offering to make it easier for customers to work with them, for new customers to find them and to make their business more efficient by automating processes.

Innovation, not rock-bottom pricing, key to print success

While debating the finer points of the differing UK and German attitudes to manufacturing last weekend, one point of universal agreement was that innovation is always the most important factor in determining the success of a business - regardless of any tax breaks or other support offered by the state.

"Why I love small sheetfed offset" by Sachin Shardul

Many years ago when Hanumantha Rao of Pragati Offset Printers was the president of the All India Federation of Master Printers, in an interview, he spoke of the progress Bharat (as opposed to India) is making. And that these strides were in "small offset" printing.

Lending and investment will return to changed landscape

To my mind, the three key UK factors that have hampered growth since the recession are lack of funding, end of the housing bubble and the stodgy state of the public sector. Other elements have come into play, such as rises in commodity prices as emerging markets absorbed raw materials, and the inflationary environment has been compounded by the quantitative easing and collapse in sterling in the recession, although this has been good news for exporters, providing there is enough added value in their UK production/cost base.

Many schemes available to help print plan for changes

The government is introducing far-reaching changes to the pension landscape which will impact on every UK employer and have cost implications for most. In a nutshell, every employer with one employee upwards will be required by law to automatically enrol all employees of 22 years old and over, earning at least 7,475 gross a year into a suitable qualifying pension scheme, and also pay in employer contributions. This starts in 2012 and will impact on the print industry in stages, finishing in 2016.

State banks appeal to SMEs, but there are better options

The economist Adam Posen is a man that few printers will have heard of before this week. Known primarily for being the arch-dove on the Bank of England's nine member Monetary Policy Committee, Posen has long been advocating (loudly and in isolation) a further bout of quantitative easing.

The packaging proposals are dangerous and unprecedented

In addition to being heavy handed and without giving due consideration to previous regulation introduced into the sector, this legislation would give the UK a reputation as a bad place to do business, making it harder to attract investment. The proposal is also an open invitation to black market trade.

Vocal opposition likely to scupper most of Beecroft's ideas

The report on employment law produced by venture capitalist Adrian Beecroft for the government last week has polarised opinion and, due to the ensuing furore, its proposals are unlikely to be adopted wholesale any time soon. However, the government may attempt to implement some of the proposals independently, with many people suggesting that 'compensated no-fault dismissal' is a likely option.

Buy presses now, or wait for the next generation?

What is more important: the future or the present? At Drupa 2012, the answer depends on who you're talking to and where they are in their product development cycle. Digital manufacturers like Xeikon and Landa, who are several years away from commercial availability with their Trillium and Nanographic presses respectively, talk about the future of print - the inference being "don't buy now what you'll regret later".

10 simple tips for the Indian visitor to Ipex

Editorial - Indian visitors, need to be skeptical of the typical trade show clichs. Since the past two months, we have been speaking to vendors and manufacturers (and of course visitors), and we realise there are quite a few stereotypes which abound about trade shows.

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