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Break bread with your inplant kin

This issue’s round table discussion on CRDs was certainly an eye opener for me, not least because it highlighted the eye-watering diversity of products and services that a modern CRD has to offer to maintain its relevance and viability.

Friends, we’re all in this together

Now that daylight saving time has ended, the autumn evenings will briefly get lighter before the winter gloom descends – but last Monday evening the industry collectively lit up the night sky over west London.

New year predictions: Charles Jarrold, BPIF

The potentially impact of a poorly managed Brexit is one of the chief concerns for the Fed’s chief executive in 2018. And, coincidentally, one of the lessons he learned this year was to be careful when dropping the 'B' bomb in conversation with members.

The world has changed and so must we

The imminent demise of The Independent in printed form, unsurprisingly, triggered a rush of commentators to once again predict the end of printed publications.

Industry unfazed by Heidelberg move

Heidelberg’s decision to withdraw from a clutch of post-press markets, in either a sales or manufacturing sense (and in some cases both) seems to have been met by a fairly muted response.

M&A jump is evidence of recovery

Over the past few weeks there seems to have been an unprecedented spike in the amount of print M&A activity taking place and, believe it not, I’m not just talking about distressed sales or worse, the dreaded phoenixes.

A valuable insight into today’s technologies

Once again EFI is sponsoring the Wide-format report because of our strong belief that the publication echoes the company’s pioneering technologies across inkjet printing, productivity software and inks.

Power 100: 1

Topping the list of PrintWeek's annual run-down of the industry's most influential individuals, is York Mailing's Chris Ingram - signalling the return of a printer to the number one slot.

The decline of cheque use is far greater threat to sector

To print cheques you have to become an accredited printer, and in the UK, the Cheque Printer Accreditation Scheme (CPAS) is run by us at the Cheque and Credit Clearing Company. The purpose of the scheme is twofold: to make life more difficult for fraudsters by maintaining the highest levels of security standards on the paper cheque and to reduce the possibility of errors.

If a new client doesn't look legit, get them checked out

SOCA takes a number of approaches to tackling crime. Not only do we do things the traditional way - through investigations, court cases and prison sentences - we also change the space in which criminals operate to make life difficult and prevent them committing crime in the first place.

TUPE revision is good news but won't stop phoenixes

The thorny issue of pre-packs has raised its head again, following last month's Employment Appeal Tribunal ruling that means staff at a company bought out of administration in a pre-pack deal are now protected by TUPE.

'La Rue-sistance' ?ghts off Norman conquest

There's never a dull moment in print. As the year creeps towards a close, I find myself fascinated by the continued saga of De La Rue, which is playing out like many a good three-part drama from the BBC's yuletide repertoire.

With big names and big ideas on the bill, Northprint is the place to boost business

Whether you are a print service provider or involved in print buying, the BPIF's recent statement that 'print is great' brought a fresh sense of optimism to the market. Highlighting print's vibrancy, it reminded us of the industry's huge economic significance nationally and generated a much-needed dose of enthusiasm about the opportunities it represents.

Comment: Mail privatisation is for the best, if a buyer can be found

The privatisation of Royal Mail came a step closer last week, with the government's confirmation that a sell-off will proceed in light of the second report from Richard Hooper, chair of the Postal Services Sector Review Panel. However, given that the state-owned postal operator is facing in business secretary Vince Cable's words "potentially lethal challenges", it is not entirely clear where the required private sector capital is going to come from.

Building alliances to better businesses

In the past month, financial experts have been talking up the benefits of strategic alliances for the print industry. In the spirit of our new ruling coalition, it is thought that a collaboration of mutual interest, where both participants have an equal say and work together for mutual benefit, could bring much-needed advantages to print companies at a time when competition is fiercer than ever.

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