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Charge! Battery beauties take on their diesel rivals

It’s safe to say that printers haven’t been taking up electric vans in their droves.

The shape of print to come: thermoforming is a hot topic

UV inkjet is undergoing a boom in applications, fuelled in part by advances in materials science that have enabled the development of speciality inks that can meet a variety of unique needs.

Business inspection: building on your digital successes

A wide-format investment opened up lucrative new applications, including vehicle wraps.

On the road: printers present their transports of delight

White van man is something of a ubiquitous feature of roads up and down the UK. The epithet conjures up images of a filthy old Transit with a dashboard littered with yellowing copies of The Sun, disregarded parking tickets and previously enjoyed fast-food packaging. Oh, and likely enough there'll be a rude message scrawled in the grime on the back.

A year of print innovation

Time and time again, print shows that it can deliver real-world impact like no other medium and these examples are the proof

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