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Can electronic papers make it into the mainstream?

Electronic paper, digital paper, rewritable paper, electronic ink, etc, whatever you want to call it, low-cost flexible screens that behave a lot like paper but can display variable content are a technology that has been around for quite a long time, but seen few successful real-world applications.

A personal approach wins new ground for digital tech

Conventional wisdom has it that digital printing is best suited to short-run applications with very limited opportunities in packaging, which is mainly a business of very long runs.

Finishing for digital books all sewn up

There’s a consensus that the digital book printing market is growing, which of course means more demand for book finishing.

Do print industry standards stand up to the test?

When discussing the merits or otherwise of ISO standards for printers with participants in the printing industry, you end up getting into quite a few conversations that conclude that these badges of honour can be a little like Schrodinger’s cat.

Why UK print needs to pay attention to cyber security

For a number of years, the words cyber crime and hackers had people thinking of balaclava-wearing tech geeks in bedrooms trying to make a quick buck out of unsuspecting victims.

Low-cost solutions for colour consistency

Colour is a very subjective concept in that we each perceive light and colour in subtly different ways. But colour management is all about eradicating differences in the way that colours are printed.

Don’t let aged files byte the dust

There’s a fine collection of old Macintosh computers in my attic and garage. A 1988 Mac SE, a 1995 PowerBook laptop with tiny mono screen, a 1996 Performa 6200 and a huge metal G5 from 2002. They all work, but my wife doesn’t understand why I want to use up all that storage space.

Thirlby joins Pureprint to accelerate growth

Anthony Thirlby has joined Pureprint Group as chief operating officer, a newly created role, as part of the £60m business’s growth strategy.

Latest studies reveal a real feeling for print products

Once upon a time print was the only mass media around. If anyone wanted to convey information or ideas – whether fact or fiction, for business or pleasure, or selling and telling – then print was the go-to means of distribution.

Look after your kit and it will look after you

In daily life keeping your cool is crucial to stop small problems snowballing into bigger ones. It’s the same in your press hall, literally, when it comes to the chillers that are the key to keeping offset presses productive.

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