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Confidence plunges following EU vote

The Brexit vote shook confidence, concludes the BPIF’s latest quarterly Printing Outlook, and as the survey highlights, no one likes uncertainty.

Results bear out a radical restructure

It is 2009 and St Ives' chief executive Patrick Martell, who joined the group as an apprentice in 1980, is giving his first major interview since taking the reins in April of the worst year in the company's history.

Confidence crisis is print's opportunity

In tough times, marketing budgets are typically the first to be squeezed. And this, as any printer working with marketers will tell you, has certainly held true over the past few years.

Volume drop doesn't tell whole story

The news that paper volumes are in almost free-fall decline, will come as no surprise to anyone.

Kodak maps out the road to recovery

It was yet another weighty document relating to Kodak's Chapter 11 process, but among the hundreds of filings, this was the most significant to date.

A bumpy ride for the industry: 2011's good and bad news

Perhaps the biggest news came late in 2011: the administration one of the world's largest press manufacturers. But this was not the only earth-shattering story covered by PrintWeek. We look back on the news - good and bad - that made 2011 one of the most tumultuous years in recent memory.

Stoppage could cost banknote printer

De La Rue is a company in crisis. At the start of the summer it shocked clients and investors alike with what amounted to a profits warning.

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