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Q&A Cameron Gray, business development manager, UK Book Binders

Cameron is 25 years old and has been in the industry for just over four years after swapping a personal training role in London for print finishing in Weston-super-Mare. He’s an Everton FC season ticket holder and “trains at the gym almost daily”.

Rising star: Jayleigh Price, number one printer, Precision Colour Printing

Jayleigh beat off stiff competition to carry off the Trainee of the Year Award at last month’s PrintWeek Awards. She’s 21 and has been working in the printing industry since spring 2016 when she took up an apprenticeship at PCP in Telford.

Q&A: Chris Strawson Account and new business manager, DPS Digital

Chris is 44 years old and has spent 27 years in the print trade. He’s single and loves entertaining, running, going to the gym and cooking.

Q&A: Andy Stevens, head of client services, VR Print

Andy has been in print for over 35 years. In that time he’s been agency side, worked in publishing, design, print management and is now back in manufacturing. He’s married with five boys and lives in the Kent countryside. “My passion is music and I play guitar in a local band, playing as often as possible,” he says

Q&A: Diana Thompson Managing director, Plus Point PR

Di has been in print for 35 years, 10 as a journalist (for LithoWeek/PrintWeek and Printing World) and 25 as a PR person. She’s married to Dave with two ‘kids’ Charlie (22) and Sophie (20).

Q&A: Melvin Vinyard Senior account manager, Fuller Davies

Melvin turned 65 in April and will retire next month after working in print for 49 years. He is married to Sandra and they have “two children and two lovely granddaughters”. His main hobbies are photography and listening to vinyl albums.

Q&A: Ian Metcalfe, finance director, Serious Print Group

A youthful “50-plus”, one of keen cyclists Ian’s proudest boasts is that he has more bikes than children, not bad considering he has four of the latter. His collection also probably comes in handy to combat the effects of his sweet tooth.

Q&A: Shaun Hinchy, production manager, Plastic Card Services

Shaun has spent 10 years in print. He’s something of a fitness freak and likes running, cycling, swimming, triathlons… and fitness in general. He’s a Man City FC season ticket holder and watches with his son Luke.

Q&A: Andy Gillett, joint managing director, Fretwell Print & Design

Leeds United fan Andy has spent 35 years in print and is married with one daughter and a 20-month-old grand-daughter.

Q&A: Dean Williams Managing director, Simpson Group

Dean is celebrating 30 years in print this year. He and his wife Sharon have two sons, Ben (20) and Luke (18) “who we are immensely proud of however want nothing to do with print, yet”.

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