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Magazine sector finds ways to buck the trend

When women’s fashion and celebrity weekly title Look published its last ever issue last month the publication dedicated an entire page listing its rivals and implored its readers “if you have a top read, go out and buy it, otherwise the closure of our beloved brands will continue”.

Add to your hat collection to help you get ahead

Diversification: is it a buzz word we’ve become obsessed with or an unnecessary evil if a print business is to thrive beyond 2018?

Books take off as readers rekindle a love of print

It’s fair to say that the mood at the recent London Book Fair was pretty upbeat. Nielsen Book Research provided its latest findings on the eve of the show and its report made for positive reading – particularly for book printers.

The publishers who put it all together

Which part of the magazine publishing sector has a colossal advertising spend yet doesn’t sell advertising in its titles, publishes new products every year, in two tightly defined timeframes and knows with certainty that after the first issue of any new magazine is published sales of the title will start to fall?

Add another string to your bow

It is billed as “the story of the Beatles as you’ve never seen it before”, and where better to launch a book on the Fab Four than their home city of Liverpool. The book in question, Visualising the Beatles, transports readers back to the vibrant sixties and explosive days of Beatlemania, according to its producer.

Signs of life after the death of a star

Polestar’s collapse shocked the industry, but its demise could be good news for the remaining web offset printers.

Reawakening of franchise brings a plethora of print

It’s not for nothing that movie and cultural critics have called the omnipresent Star Wars movies a cradle-to-grave entertainment experience. Appearing in regular installments throughout the past five decades, Star Wars seems to have been with us forever.

Indies set to revive sagging mag sector

In 2006, Cathy Olmedillas set up Anorak, an independent and print-only magazine for children. It was well designed – you’d have been as happy to have the cover looking down at you off your wall as you would have been having it looking up at you from your coffee table (or more likely, the floor of your child’s room) – and it was well put together.

Aspiring authors need printers with the write stuff

Printed books are doing rather well. Bookseller Foyles posted an 8.1% increase, year on year, in printed books sales for December 2014, while Waterstones says sales of physical books rose 5% in the same period.

What did print do in the Great War?

It’s unlikely to have escaped many people’s attention that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, and across the country many events are taking place to commemorate the occasion.

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