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Horizon BQ-470JDF

In the late 1990s, a number of printers brought their adhesive binding in-house. Many started small, with single-clamp perfect binders turning out work at around 200 books per hour (bph), finding their feet with glue systems and temperature controls....

Oc VarioPrint 6250

The name of the game now in cut-sheet mono digital printing is speed pure and simple. The various arguments over quality and range of substrates are far from settled, but they take a definite back seat to the question of how many sheets can be produced in how short a space of time. To this end, Ocs latest VarioPrint, the flagship 6250, is a hot contender for the crown of fastest in class.

LithoTechnics Metrix 2.2

Ganging jobs may be rare, but this Australian firms software proves there are serious cost savings to be made.

Heidelberg Suprasetter A52/A74

These thermal platesetters may be entry-level, but screening and speed remain top tier.

Xeikon 4000

Xeikons entry-level 4000 blends some of the best elements of its bigger machines at a competitive price.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta

Smart layers to allow non-destructive filters and a dedicated black and white tool make CS3 worth upgrading to.

Canon imagePress C1

More than just an office printer, the quality produced by the C1 rivals top digital production units.

Kodak Digital Newspaper Line

The possibilities are endless as Kodak gets the ball rolling for short-run digital newspapers.

Autobond Mini 105 TPHS

The latest member of Autobonds family takes laminating up to B1 landscape and at 5,000sph.

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