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Print holds out the promise of chips as cheap as chips

Question: what do solar panels, banknotes, cars and Monopoly all have in common? Answer: they all feature, or are expected to soon start featuring, printed electronics.

Promise of a digital future proves difficult to deliver

More than two years have passed since Drupa 2012 saw the announcement of a whole raft of digital carton printing presses, but so far we have not seen any real signs of an impact on the packaging sector.

Spot-on colour from magnificent seven

Two of the key requirements for the colour reproduction of packaging print are for the products to fly off the shelves while the colour stays on-brand.

Growing appetite for communication

"The more conversation goes on between printers and designers, the more we can keep taking things forwards,” says Rapidity’s Paul Manning, during PrintWeek’s roundtable discussion with students on Brighton University’s graphic design course. And this pretty much sums up why we’re here.

Youngsters predict a future full of print

Print is a foreign concept to the under-30s. They don’t understand it. They don’t want it. They don’t need it. Or at least that’s what some would have you believe. The reality, however, is quite different. Not only is there plenty of anecdotal evidence to prove youngsters’ affection for print, the numbers support it too.

How brand designers can learn from the social scene

Business stationery printers looking to create stand-out products are increasingly taking their cues from the world of high-end social stationery

Conversing with 'strange and marvellous voices'

One of the greatest attributes of print is its universal appeal and to highlight this, we reached out to the great and the good to ask about their favourites

The Power of Print

In-depth analysis on the print industry and its position as a marketing powerhouse

A marketing vehicle that's hard to beat

PrintWeek's editor Darryl Danielli on print's place in the marketing mix

Tools and tricks

Thanks to an impressive, ever-expanding armoury of techniques and technologies, print still has the power to create a stunning product where other media fall down, says Barney Cox

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