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Briefing: Improvements pending in patent law

Innovative SMEs are hopeful that a government review will simplify the patenting process

Briefing: 'Pay up, pay up and play the game,' coalition tells business

Business bullies will no longer be allowed to get away with late payment, says the government, but just how effective will the legislation really be?

Briefing: Apprenticeship misconceptions need to be overcome

Taking on an apprentice can look like an expensive option with no guaranteed return, but it can prove to be very profitable - for both parties

Briefing: CSAT buy puts Heidelberg at forefront of packaging field

The German litho giant's latest purchase will put it at a competitive advantage when it comes to supplying to the active packaging market

Briefing: SMEs urged to plan ahead as markets teeter on disaster

As the stock market goes into apparent free fall and talk of a new credit crunch or recession abounds, what can print firms do to stave off the worst?

Briefing: Will colour digital offer new lease of life for newspapers?

Digital print can offer a range of new opportunities for newspaper publishers, and while take-up may have been slow so far, it is set to accelerate

Briefing: Royal Mail to promote itself using customers' envelopes

Royal Mail's plans to stamp a slogan on the front of every envelope to promote its services have aroused fury among those in the direct mail sector

Briefing: Closure will have ramifications that radiate far beyond NI

News International's decision to close the UK's most successful Sunday tabloid may be symptomatic of a broader policy to move away from print

Briefing: ROT may help you make the best of a bad situation

If one of your clients goes into administration owing you money, Reservation of Title can help you recover from a worst-case scenario

Briefing: Are SME printers being priced out of the books market?

While inkjet may be hailed as the saviour of book printing, small printers argue that the high cost of entry means they can't afford to compete

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