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Prospecting is worth gold to universities

At this time of year students all over the country can be seen clutching printed marketing material with university logos emblazoned all over it.

Cultivating client reviews can put a smile on your face

Over the past decade or so review sites have become part of our daily lives. If you want to find a nice holiday resort and hotel, you visit Tripadvisor.

A time-served profession at the cutting edge

There are few better examples of the recent commoditisation of print than the stationery sector. Type the words ‘business card printing’ into the search engine of your choice and you’ll be bombarded with a series of enticing offers - ‘500 cards for £9.28’, ‘£4.95 for 100 premium cards’, ‘business cards from £3.99’.

You can’t put a price on the value of good relations

Price has long been king for print buyers and brand owners, particularly in recent years with budgets being squeezed to the limit. And with some printers falling over each other to offer the lowest price they can to secure work, many buyers do not have to look far for a competitive quote.

Stand out from the crowd to up sales

Profit is sanity, turnover is vanity’. It may be an old cliché, but like many clichés there is a degree of truth attached to this statement – especially when you apply it to the printing industry.

Make sure good customers want to keep coming back

On the high street – be it the virtual or physical version – customer loyalty is hard won. The big retailers pump great piles of cash into customer retention strategies because they know that the consumer has evolved into a fickle animal.

Well-dressed mail delivers the right first impression

"You wouldn’t give someone a present unwrapped, or give it to them in a carrier bag,” observes Alistair Hall, director at London design company We Made This.

Tips for a surer footing in the buyer’s balancing act

Buying print is not easy. Even with a working knowledge of the complexities of putting ink on paper, there are always going to be trip wires hidden in the shadows.

Business inspection: Coatings lead to healthier performance

Geoff Neal Litho found inline aqueous coatings offer a low-cost way of adding value.

Stylish presents designed to enchant the print devotee

What do you buy someone who appears to have everything they need? The solution more often than not is ‘something that they don’t need’, but the correct answer to this conundrum should be to give someone something that they didn’t realise they needed until they received it.

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