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New year predictions: Tony Gill, Mosaic Group

Mosaic founder and chief executive Tony Gill sings the praises of people power and hopes to create more employment opportunities in 2015.

New year predictions: Gary Wallace, Wallace Print

Wallace Print managing director Gary Wallace says printers should keep a watchful eye on debtors to prevent cashflow issues arising during 2015.

New year predictions: Robert Keane, Cimpress

Cimpress CEO and Vistaprint founder Robert Keane believes keeping up with ever-evolving technology will present the biggest threat to printers in 2015, while specialisation and partnerships will be offer the greatest opportunities.

New year predictions: Charles Jarrold, BPIF

The BPIF’s freshly-appointed chief executive is going to be spending a lot of time on the road meeting with members, and is hoping to find some mobile technology that’s fit for purpose to help him achieve his goals.

New year predictions: Barry Hibbert, Polestar

Polestar’s CEO urges the industry at large to champion the effectiveness of print media.

New year predictions: Lascelle Barrow, Augustus Martin and Fespa

For most people one job is more than enough to keep them busy, not so for Augustus Martin joint managing director and Fespa president Lascelle Barrow. On the bright side, keeping busy can be a welcome distraction from the trials and tribulations of being a spurs fan.

New year predictions: Simon Biltcliffe, Webmart

Webmart CEO Simon Biltcliffe urges the industry to proactively seek ways to grow customers' top line in 2015 by leveraging data in print.

New year predictions: Jon Bailey, ProCo

ProCo managing director Jon Bailey shares his predictions for the year ahead and his seemingly hopeless dream of Middlesbrough FC clawing their way back into the Premiership.

New year predictions: Paul Fox, Graphic Station

Graphic Station sales director Paul Fox predicts that UV printing will see further growth in 2015.

New year predictions: Jeremy Walters, DST

DST chief executive Jeremy Walters shares his thoughts for 2015 and his disappointment at not beating his target time in the 2014 London Marathon.

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