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A must-read issue in more ways than one

Jo Francis celebrates the talented women making their mark in print, and hopes their numbers will continue to increase.

Gender pay gap report: 'could do better'

The new reporting requirements have shone a light on an uncomfortable truth for the printing industry overall.

Praise for print's people

Jo Francis makes some additions to her list of joy replenishers at the PrintWeek Awards.

Printing industry profits should be celebrated

Jo Francis is delighted that the printing industry is the source of another wad on Dragons' Den.

When very bad news comes in threes

Jo Francis hopes that print bosses up and down the land are taking some time out to make sure their Health & Safety procedures are up-to-date.

Love, life …and death

Without wishing to appear maudlin, Jo Francis suggests we should all think a bit more about mortality

Will we see their like again?

Jo Francis lauds our longest-serving printers.

There's a lot to be learned from UNHAPPY customers

Jo Francis is refreshed and impressed to find a supplier willing to admit to having failed some of its customers

Kathy Woodward RIP

Jo Francis mourns the passing of an exceptional woman and champion of print.

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