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Interactivity and inclusivity on show in thriving sector

Gerry Sherwood, event director for the Easyfairs’ Packaging Portfolio, is an ambitious man.

Around the world in 8 prints

Print is constantly being challenged to push the boundaries of what’s possible to ensure that it maintains its key position in the marketing mix. As the following examples from the past 12 months show, printers worldwide are doing their bit to ensure the medium remains relevant.

Boxing clever: how internet sales are repackaging retail

Originally the rapid growth of online sales didn’t seem that startling. It was, after all, coming from a very low base, so annual double-digit percentage growth didn’t seem that remarkable. But even at the height of the recession, when bricks-and-mortar retailers were feeling the pinch, online sales continued to soar spectacularly.

Fortune will favour first-movers with a personal touch

At Ipex 2010, Canon staged one of the most innovative live demonstrations that the print show has ever seen. Visitors to the manufacturer's stand were invited to submit their name to a Canon representative and then later that day they could go back and pick up a fully personalised box of Lego bricks.

Label novices must learn to roll with it

There's no denying it: one of the biggest stories to emerge from last year's Drupa was that digital and packaging finally seemed serious bedfellows. But what may have surprised some, was the realisation that digital's relationship with label printing actually goes back much further than with, say, folding cartons. A decade and a half longer to be precise.

A year of print innovation

Time and time again, print shows that it can deliver real-world impact like no other medium and these examples are the proof

Experts writing the book on production: three publishing figures interviewed

As the dust settles on this year's London Book Fair, held under the umbrella theme of 'making words go further', PrintWeek asks three book production professionals about their evolving print requirements.

Power-packed: brands battle for on-shelf impact

Faced with the combination of a cut-throat, time-sensitive, brand-promiscuous UK consumer and the plethora of product choice competition crowding the retailer shelves, high-street brands are increasingly under pressure to shout to make themselves heard.

For the record: printing your art on your sleeve

A few years back, notions like RPM, the B-side and the 12-inch would have got a blank response, at best a snigger, from anyone below the age of 25. In 2012, though, to the astonishment of many in the 'older generation', the youth have become rather fluent in the lexicon of vinyl.

Digital adds a special touch

The skin of a lizard brought to life through tactile ink, a glitzy metallic greetings card and sophisticated security inks: all effects which once were only pipe dreams for digital printers. However, many of these digital dreams have become reality. Since the last Drupa, digital technology has come on apace, enabling applications that used to be in the domain of long-run litho work to be rolled out cost-effectively for shorter run and personalised jobs.

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