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Overmatter: festive film stars

A seasonal hat-tip goes to Precision Printing in Barking, and in particular to group marketing manager Emma Thompson.

Overmatter: A song for Drupa

Overmatter’s joy is truly unconfined. There WILL be a song to accompany Drupa 2016.

Overmatter: future shocks

Back to the Future Day had PrintWeek readers reminiscing about the industry 30 years ago, and now.

Overmatter: pedal power

The pedal-power of Park Communications directors Alison Branch and Heath Mason has paid off – the duo raised more than £8,000 in their recent charity cycle ride from London to Amsterdam.

Overmatter: paper magic

Overmatter yearns for a minimalist lifestyle, despite existing in near-constant state of chaos.

Overmatter: bin blunder

Overmatter still wakes up in cold sweat sometimes, upon remembering a head-scratching hoo-hah back in the day when attempting to create the artwork for self-cling window decals, which needed to be fitted to the long slanted windows in the back of an estate car.

Overmatter: funny money

Overmatter knows that counterfeiting is a very serious issue, and generally no laughing matter.

Overmatter: Fellow fundraisers

Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside, especially at this time of year. So it’s great to see two seaside printers embarking upon good works in support of their favourite charities.

Overmatter: Desperate Marketing

Overmatter loves Private Eye and is not at all surprised that the satirical fortnightly can lay claim to being the UK’s best-selling news and current affairs magazine.

Overmatter: blast from the past

Overmatter loves to take a trip down memory lane, hence PrintWeek’s inside back cover is always a must-read.

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