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Overmatter: Massive Markup

Overmatter was left disconsolate after failing (so far at least) to be one of 50,000 lucky consumers to win a personalised pack of KitKat via the snack brand’s current promotion.

Overmatter: sharp cards

Here at PrintWeek Towers we are, of course, very appreciative of the Christmas cards we receive from our wonderful industry chums.

Overmatter: hard currency

As this issue’s ‘From the Archive’ proves, the counterfeiting of banknotes has been a perennial problem for the printing industry.

Overmatter: verse and worse

In case you missed it, it was National Poetry Day last week. The event unearthed some rare print talent.

Overmatter: iBag

Just as we’re reeling from Apple’s “courageous” (puh-lease) decision to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack on its new iPhone 7, we learn the tech giant has designs on the design of another everyday item.

Overmatter: Facebook facepalm

It sounds like an ideal pub quiz question: how much paper would it take to print out the internet?

Overmatter: star turn

What better way to celebrate the installation of the UK’s first Fujifilm Jet Press 720S B2 sheetfed inkjet press than by having a legendary rugby player pop in to cut the ribbon?

Overmatter: Segway Solutions

Visitors to the recent Drupa print expo in Dusseldorf may well have noticed staff at the Messe exhibition centre buzzing around on snazzy Segway devices – an entirely practical option for getting about when there is 304,800sqm of internal space, and 261,800sqm of external area to get around.

Overmatter: Dog daze

Overmatter confesses to being in something of a post-Drupa stupor, and it’s an affliction shared by the entire PrintWeek team. As it happens, we found a print-related canine who seemed to be able to perfectly channel our inner feelings – even while we were still at the show.

Overmatter: Drupa ditty

This is, after all, our Drupa issue. So by way of public service, with specific referent to ‘Cult of Drupa Songs’ champ Mark Stephenson, we thought we should print the lyrics for the Drupa song by way of handy reference for those attending the show. And you can of course also enjoy it at home.

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