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No one wants Drupa switch, but everyone will play ball

Considering the fact that people have been talking about Drupa mulling a move to a three-year cycle in hushed tones for months, the ire it seems to have raised among exhibitors is surprising.

Royal Mail is playing a straight bat, but there's much to do

The passion surrounding reversions is hardly surprising, given that there are millions of pounds in lost revenue at stake - a huge figure for mailing houses whose profits are built on slim margins.

It's only fair that those who break the rules foot the bill

It is recognised that good health and safety is good business, but some firms may seek to gain a short-term competitive advantage by cutting corners and putting workers and the public at risk.

Proposals would benefit UK but may get lost in red tape

The recommendations set out in the Beecroft report would, broadly, be good for UK businesses. However, implementation of the most controversial employment reforms is likely to get tangled up in Coalition debate; they may not see the light of day during...

Beecroft's proposals won't help business, finance will

The bonfire of employment law proposed in the Beecroft Report is unlikely to be realised to anything like the extent its author has envisaged. For one thing, relations within the Coalition are strained enough as it is without heaping more pressure on in the form of legislation that is unthinkable to many Lib Dems, particularly in the wake of the 'granny tax' fiasco.

Buy presses now, or wait for the next generation?

What is more important: the future or the present? At Drupa 2012, the answer depends on who you're talking to and where they are in their product development cycle. Digital manufacturers like Xeikon and Landa, who are several years away from commercial availability with their Trillium and Nanographic presses respectively, talk about the future of print - the inference being "don't buy now what you'll regret later".

HP: commercial print "still key"

Todd Bradley, executive vice-president of HP's Printing and Personal Systems Group, talks to Darryl Danielli

Economic recovery? Maybe, but let's celebrate quietly

Could it be true? Is the print and packaging sector really leading the charge out of recession and the worst is now behind us?

Tories' mooted Chapter 11-style scheme could be bad news

Would a US Chapter 11-style insolvency process be good news for UK print? On the balance of probability... not a chance.

Getting a patent is exciting, but there are plenty of risks

Having a patent is just like winning a fast-track to a roller coaster: you feel great walking past the queues waving your ticket, until you get on the ride, and then it is an unpredictable journey of highs and lows that can result in you crashing back down to earth with an almighty bump.

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