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Set up a sibling to assist a new endeavour

Peerless is almost peerless, and that was the challenge. The plastics and coatings company is one of the UK’s largest and best known specialists in creating UV-cured hard coatings for plastics that backdrop illustrious projects and the occasional big-name performer.

Digital plays star role in astro art

When Chris Baker decided he could make his serious astronomy hobby help to pay for itself, it was natural that he’d turn to digital printing.

Wide range of applications wins fans for sublimation

If you think Dai Sub is a Welsh submariner then you could be missing out on a low-cost technology with the potential to grab a bigger share of your existing customers’ print spend and open up a range of profitable new markets.

Print’s tactile nature ensures other media can’t touch it

One clue of how important touch is as a sense, is in how closely the language of emotion is entwined with it. When we talk about emotional states, we talk about ‘feelings’.

The shape of print to come: thermoforming is a hot topic

UV inkjet is undergoing a boom in applications, fuelled in part by advances in materials science that have enabled the development of speciality inks that can meet a variety of unique needs.

Sci-fi finishing kit delivers productivity gains for some

Lasers have long been a staple of science fiction. Whether it’s Darth Vader ordering the destruction of the planet Alderaan from his giant orbitting Death Star or James Bond and the US ‘Space Marines’ doing battle with the minions of bio-haz terrorist Hugo Drax in Moonraker, lasers are depicted as high-power weapons capable of cutting through entire planets if needs be.

Make a real impact, put some poo in your paper

A client rings you up and asks whether you can offer them something different, a little twist that will make their latest marketing campaign stand out. You pause briefly, and then you reply: “How about some giraffe poo paper?”

Success with fabric may be cut from a different cloth

Fabric is both a synonym for textiles and the word for discussing the very essence of stuff. So it’s something of a paradox that in all the talk of printing textiles, the materials themselves are often overlooked in favour of the printing technologies employed.

Textile machines toughen up for harder work

That dye-sublimation is an excellent process for many types of textile application is widely accepted wisdom in fabric printing circles. Increasingly it is becoming widely accepted among general wide-format printers too.

Me & my: Antalis MagneCote

Imagine you’re a marketer. You have the choice of a piece of promotional print that may be looked at but then stuck in a drawer somewhere, never again to see the light of day. Or you can choose something much more guaranteed to make it into pride of place in someone’s home.

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