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Me & my: Komori Lithrone S529 H-UV

According to Loop Print managing director Chris Gray, “each individual in our team has their own specialist skills they bring to the business”. But could those individuals step up to the mark when the litho and digital printer in South Yorkshire bought a Komori Lithrone S29?

Me & my: Fastbind Casematic H46Pro

In early 2011, Midlands-based digital print outfit John E Wright detected a growing trend. The company, which is headquartered in Nottingham and operates seven offices in nearby locations, noticed increased demand for more creative binding styles for one-off projects.

Me & my: Antalis MagneCote

Imagine you’re a marketer. You have the choice of a piece of promotional print that may be looked at but then stuck in a drawer somewhere, never again to see the light of day. Or you can choose something much more guaranteed to make it into pride of place in someone’s home.

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